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Friends of Fairmount
1120 W. Avenue N, San Angelo, TX 76904
(325) 655 - 9475
Friends of Fairmount - Homepage

History of Friends of Fairmont

Friends of Fairmount (FOF) Board was established in 2005 as a Texas non-profit auxiliary group supported by over 400 community members to help assure the long-term health of San Angelo’s 120 year old, Fairmount Cemetery. The Fairmount Cemetery Board (FCB) oversees the cemetery’s operations and maintenance along with the cemetery staff employed by the city.

Friends of Fairmount organizes activities and promotes contributions for the restoration, preservation, conservation efforts, maintenance and safekeeping of the Cemetery. Also, to create and support interpretive and educational programs including topics emphasizing the local and national historical significance of Fairmount Cemetery to the early settlement of Tom Green County and the State of Texas; And to cooperated with other interested organizations and individuals interested in the historical heritage of Texas, and in particular, the historical heritage of Fairmount Cemetery.

Friends of Fairmount have many programs and projects already established that promote and enhance the cemetery and our community, such as placing flags and hosting a Veteran’s Day ceremony; placing memorial wreaths at Christmas; organizing a Fun-Run in the cemetery in the Fall; and the Stones and Bones: Where History is Buried in the Spring.